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Welcome to The Forestry Project!

Welcome to The Forestry Project - We are glad you stopped by! We invite you to browse around the site, where you can find podcasts, blogs, and YouTube videos. First take a few minutes to learn more about The Forestry Project, who we are, and what we do.

If you are a landowner looking for Forest Legacy, Reimagined, you have come to the right place. We are committed to providing landowners with the highest quality content at The Forestry Project. Regardless of your goals or the land's condition, we want to help you get to the next level of land management.

However, The Forestry Project is more than just another land management company. We see many unique challenges facing our ecosystem for forests and humans. Getting outside, being in nature, and learning how to manage your land is the answer you have been looking for.

What is The Forestry Project?

What should you expect?


What is The Forestry Project?

The Forestry Project was founded by Jace McCauley, a graduate student studying the relationships between forest landowners and consulting foresters. Prior to his master's, Jace received his bachelor's degree in forestry from Auburn University. Jace also owns 36 acres of forestland in northwest Alabama that has been in his family for three generations. While pursuing his bachelor's, he began applying what he was learning to his family's forestland and experienced the challenge of size and money. Despite this, Jace felt the pride of improving a forest's legacy for the next generation to enjoy.

All the while, Jace knew his family couldn't be the only landowners wanting to improve their forest but not knowing who to talk to, where to start, or if it was even possible. While brainstorming, Jace decided to start The Forestry Project, which focuses on producing high-quality and engaging content for landowners to understand better the benefits of forest management and how they can achieve FOREST LEGACY, REIMAGINED.

What should you expect?

The Forestry Project is committed to producing the highest quality and informative content to become the trusted source for managing your forestland. There will be podcasts, videos, social media posts, and blogs like this to help get landowners the content they need regardless of their learning style. We will also have a set release schedule, so you know what to expect and when for all the content we produce. Videos will be released each Friday on Youtube, giving you the information you can implement on your land during the off time. A new podcast episode will be released every other Monday morning to get your week started right. Each video and podcast we release will have a blog with more information released on the website simultaneously.

To keep up with content, follow The Forestry Project on Facebook and Instagram, where we will post the release of each piece of content we create, as well as host a short video series #ManagementMondays each Monday morning.

Thanks for stopping by

We are very excited about what is ahead and the impact we hope to achieve as The Forestry Project begins. We look forward to becoming the trusted source and your go-to place for how to manage your forestland better as we help you achieve FOREST LEGACY, REIMAGINED. If you are interested in achieving this, please follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and subscribe to us on YouTube and your preferred podcast platform. Then, last but not least, ensure you hit the bell icon so that you are notified each time The Forestry Project releases new content.


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