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Jace McCauley - Host of The Forestry Project

Jace McCauley is the founder, face and voice of The Forestry Project. Jace writes, creates, and edits the podcasts, videos, and blogs that The Forestry Project releases. Jace is currently a master’s student at Auburn University studying forestry. Jace graduated with a bachelor’s degree in forestry in 2021, during which he held various leadership roles that have directly benefited how The Forestry Project is structured. A forest landowner himself, Jace’s passion is to provide forest landowners with the knowledge and understanding to achieve the dreams they have for their land. When Jace is not in school or working on The Forestry Project, you can find him spending time with family and friends, hiking, riding his motorcycle, or playing music.

Get to Know Jace

What is the hardest part of The Forestry Project?

The hardest part of creating The Forestry Project is getting started and being comfortable being in videos and podcasts. They are something that I enjoy doing, but I have always thought I had a face for radio and a voice for writing blogs, and it is a struggle to get started.

What makes you feel most accomplished?

I love it when I get to help other people. I feel the most accomplished when I help kids and young adults learn about forestry and being outside. I have been able to help with several youth hunts as a college student where kids get to know how to do things in the outdoors. Events that stuck out from these were teaching kids how to skeet shoot, safely use a tree stand, and fish. I also enjoy teaching landowners how to manage their forests better to get the most satisfaction from their land; after all, that is why I started The Forestry Project. 

What is your biggest fear in the woods?

My biggest fear in the woods is, hands down, spiders. It is something that I am working on being more comfortable with, but if a spider gets on me, there is going to be a spider dance and possible injury. I don’t mind spiders as long as they are not physically on me, but I try to stay away from them as much as possible in the woods. I’m ashamed to admit, but I have done offsets when cruising on multiple occasions as a student because of the golden orb weaver or joro spiders (look them up if you haven’t seen one) around Auburn.

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